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First Nations Films

First Nations FilmsFirst Nations FilmsFirst NationsFirst NationsFirst Nations Films


FIRST NATIONS FILMS - SINCE 1998 - creates and distributes award-winning television documentary films for, by and about Indigenous people - Sharing Our Stories! Our exclusive programs are distributed to broadcasters, schools, libraries, universities and other individuals and institutions throughout the world.

Specializing in the inception, creation and distribution of hard-to-write television, video and educational programs about native people. Through our reputation for the creation of award-winning insightful and quality programs FIRST NATIONS FILMS has become a force in the Global market and continues to create works of excellence!

If you would like to submit your film for distribution consideration please contact Richard - richard@firstnationsfilms.com or 604-318-5418.

Call us to order films, for consultation or to discuss bringing your stories and ideas to life!


DISTRIBUTION ALL OVER THE WORLD - FIRST NATIONS FILMS - distributes our exclusive collection of films all over this world, all over this globe. Groups, educators and individuals from the Out backs of Australia to the far reaches of Canada's north, from Vancouver Island to the coast of Japan have purchased and are using our films in their classrooms, schools and libraries. From the shelves of Harvard University to the desks of Brandon University, First Nations Films educates and entertains people from all over the world as we spread "Our Stories" and concerns about First Nations People.


PEOPLE LOVE OUR FILMS! - Wonderful emails and notes from many of you about how you love our films and how you have positive feedback from your groups and classrooms. One man called our films "hidden gems" and wished he could tell everyone about them. Keep those notes coming as we love the feedback!


First Nations Films is first a production company - contact us to discuss bringing your film ideas to life. richard@firstnationsfilms.com


first nations First Nations FILMS
These piercing First Nations programs are cherished by educators, broadcasters, schools, libraries, universities and individuals around the world. Finally the truth about First Nations people and issues. For, by and about First Nations people! richard@firstnationsfilms.com - 604-318-5418 - First Nations Films/Videos for education.
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