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WatchersWATCHERS - Action Documentaries - 6 part series
Action documentary series! 2013 - 28 min.

This very exciting and entertaining documentary action series follows the training, patrols and search & rescue missions of the largely Inuit Canadian Rangers. Stunning pictures of the north of Canada mix with wonderful and funny personalities to create an exciting mix of entertainment and lessons about the north and about First Nations philosophies. Join these young Inuits in their exciting adventures in two remote High Arctic communities. 6-Part series. (Sold as series or separately - 594.00)



Watchers1WATCHERS - episode 1 - The New Recruits
Action documentary series! 2013 - 28 min.

Three new recruits go through basic training to see if they have what it takes to become the newest members of Taloyoak's Canadian Rangers in the High Arctic in Nunavut, Canada. Byron Meyer, Ben Quillinik and Martha Oleekatalik, all in their mid-20s, are embarking on basic Canadian Ranger training. Each has a highly personal reason for joining the Rangers and what it means to them. As they learn traditional Inuit survival skills combined with modern army training, they'll discover if they are ready to join the Taloyoak Patrol. (99.00)