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These piercing programs are cherished by educators, broadcasters, schools, libraries, universities and individuals around the world. Finally the truth about First Nations people and issues. For, by and about First Nations people! Please order below by PayPal or send us an email for information or with your order. Standard streaming prices are posted but we will do our best to fit prices to your needs. Information: - 604-318-5418 - First Nations Films/Videos for education.

first nations filmsTHE MEDICINE WHEEL - A secret look into native spirituality - documentary 2005 - 25 min.

An emotional story of First Nations spirituality told in the first person by a Cree woman. Visually moving segments highlight the Sweat Lodge and Pipe Ceremonies as she explores the timelessness and the meaning of the Wheel that may be at the center of native spirituality. The viewer learns, as our host learns, the significance of one's own personal spiritual journey through life and the "teachings" within the Medicine Wheel. A must see for all audiences. Broadcast: CTV Television - AWARD - CANPRO Silver Medal, Best Documentary - N.A.J.A. - (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesWHOSE LAND IS THIS? - The truth about land ownership - documentary 2005 - 45 min.

Who owns our land? This exciting, fast paced one hour documentary about First Nations' historical and contemporary relationship to Canadian governments in settling the land question in Canada. As historical reenacted segments document the "truth" of settlement and treaties in Canada, modern candid moments with the Provincial and Federal governments and prominent First Nations highlight emotional and political perspectives on the land question in Canada. Upbeat and emotionally moving and informative - for all audiences. Broadcast: Global TV. - AWARD - American Indian Film Festival. (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesMAKING TREATIES - Truthful history of treaty making in Canada - documentary 2005 - 45 min.

On the making of our modern Indian treaties - presenting an emotional and personal approach to the outcomes of the modern treaty process in Canada. Profiles on First Nations blend with input from resource developers and governments as the program weaves our tale of land ownership and forecasts our economic future. By presenting a balanced perspective, native and non-native alike, and by educating a concerned public, we may begin to build the very needed bridges and the dialogue that must exist for all societies to coexist in Canada. The program is a must-see for all audiences. Broadcast: Global Television. (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesNATIVE WOMEN: POLITICS - Truthful history of Aboriginal women - documentary 2003 - 25 min.

An emotionally moving and upbeat program that gives voice to Aboriginal women. Historical segments in the program contrast the traditional equality of power, male to female within native communities, versus the regression in the roles and power of First Nations women in Canada under European dominance. Strong women "leaders" emphasize how they view the rebuilding of balanced self-government within their community in the future. The Indian Act and Bill C31 are examined to highlight their effect on First Nations women. Broadcast: Global Television - AWARD - Best Documentary, Native American Journalists Assoc. (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesLIFE ON THE RESERVE - An inside look at real life on the Rez - documentary 2011 - 24 min.

A new documentary that highlights the significant challenges that people living on reserves have to deal with, as well as the hope they have for their community, as told by the residents themselves. Graham Shonfield, the 19-year old documentary filmmaker, had volunteered for development work in Africa, but nothing prepared him for the impoverished conditions that he experienced first hand in Northern Ontario at Gull Bay First Nation reserve. Although Gull Bay is only one reserve in this great country, it has similarities to them all. (order thru PayPal or email -



Native Educational ResourcesFIRST NATIONS HISTORY - OLIVE DICKASON The truth - documentary 2005 - 45 min.

One could say that Olive Dickason "wrote the book" on First Nations people. This exciting video shatters the myth that our history began with the arrival of the European explorers. Instead Olive Dickason's work promotes the recognition of indigenous people as our founding civilization. The video reveals how this Metis woman has changed the way we think about our past. (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesLIVING IN TWO WORLDS - How native people see ourselves - documentary 2006 - 25 min.

A Richard Hersley Production - This is perhaps one of the best documentaries available on how native people see themselves - their past, present and their future. Young native people explore the meaning of being a native in a modern world while traditional elders highlight the past and the meaning of being managers of the land. This very moving and likeable film is a must see for all who want to catch a candid glimpse of native people as they really see themselves and as they struggle to maintain their identity as they live in two worlds - the old and the new. Broadcast on Knowledge Network. (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesBEAT OF THE DRUM - Inside native music - traditional to modern - documentary 2004 - 25 min.

Profiling four upbeat native musicians. A Richard Hersley production. The drum is the heartbeat of the Mother Earth. To beat the drum is to match the heartbeat. As we sing our songs to the drum we "talk to the spirits". From rock-and-roll to electronic to traditional music - a very upbeat, fast-paced program as four high profile First Nations musical performers and songwriters are profiled. A great fast moving program for all audiences. Broadcast: CTV Television - AWARD - Official Entry, Native American Journalists Association (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesOUR HEALING JOURNEY - A Journey of Change - documentary 2017 - 51 min.

Lutsel K'e is a remote Chipweyan Dene community of 300, in Canada's Northwest Territories. Due to decades of alcohol and substance abuse resulting in escalating deaths particularly among youth, the Chief and Council forced themselves to enter treatment. The film follows the leadership's trials and tribulations over the course of 25 years. At the heart of their healing is an annual pilgrimage and the rediscovery of the power of the land at the 'Old Lady that Sits in the Falls". (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesFIRST NATIONS ROLE MODELS - Profiling success stories! - documentary 2002 - 25 min.

Profiling four inspirational native leaders. A publisher, an educator, a Metis political leader and a fisher woman / filmmaker are profiled in this unique examination of prominent First Nations people. As we travel from community to community we discover a variety of First Nations "communication" of philosophy and ideals and we discover Role Models for First Nations everywhere. A great and inspirational program for young and old. Broadcast: CTV Television - AWARD - Certificate of Honor, American Indian Film Festival. (order thru PayPal or email -



Native Educational ResourcesTHE RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS - Native stories about the schools - documentary 2004 - 25 min.

This inspiration and very emotionally moving program looks at the "other side" of the Residential Schools experience. As many First Nations "survivors" share their stories we come face to face with the fear, confusion and sometimes hurtful experience that were the Residential Schools. Seen from a First Nations perspective we come to realize just what effect these schools have really had on First Nations people then and now and we start to realize some of the healing that has begun as a result of finally facing the truth about these schools. A must see for all audiences! (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesSPIRIT OF THE PEOPLE - Caretakers of the land - documentary 2016 - 60 min.

The caretakers of the land! Rich with cultural and scenic pictures this beautiful film explores the strength and history of First Nations and how they have managed the land, for thousands of years, as their "garden". Thru personal interviews and precious archival footage we are delighted to meet the keepers of the garden. (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesRECLAIMING OUR CHILDREN - Getting our children back! - documentary 2006 - 25 min.

About 45% of the children in care are First Nations - why is this and what are we doing about it? A tremendous amount of positive energy has been generated around this issue as we are really talking about the future generations and the importance of working together to make sure children have better lives. The program explores the truth about First Nations children in care and suggests new ways of seeing the difficulties that we face. An inspirational and moving program for all audiences - from 12 and up. (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesSHOWING THE CHILDREN - Feature educational documentary - 2018 - 58 min.
The Esk'etemc people are standing up their culture, their governance and their children. After suffering oppressive policies and having their land pre-empted, they are now healing and declaring their rightful place as caretakers of their land. This beautiful and exciting film highlights the struggle and success of these people. Great for all audiences. A beautifully shot program (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesTHE RUNNING PEOPLE - GOSHEN - Staying healthy!- documentary 2015 - 85 min.

A beautifully shot and powerful documentary depicting the diet and daily lifestyle of the Tarahumara, a light-footed running tribe, who are striving to maintain their ancient culture against all odds. They are skilled subsistence farmers, renowned for their incredible long distance running endurance and prevention of modern chronic diseases. GOSHEN will inspire you to take part in preserving the native seeds and running traditions of the Tarahumara. Awards: International Independent Films Awards, Prestige Films Awards, Golden Palm Award, IndiePest Film Awards, Accolade Film Competition (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesNATIVE YOUNG! - Young native people today - their concerns - documentary 2012 - 30 min.

Raunchy and upbeat and really reaching a youth audience - Native Young! is told through the eyes of a native punk rock band and explores the lingering and damaging effects that the residential schools still have on generations of First Nations communities. It challenges difficult and confusing Canadian political views and highlights other challenges faced by many native people in Canada. The band's experience of growing up, working and living on reserve is featured while the band's music - unapologetic and ferocious - provides musical landscapes for the film. An unfiltered lens for First Nations youth to share their stories. (order thru PayPal or email -



Native Educational ResourcesTHE MEDICINE PEOPLE - First Nations secret ceremonies - documentary 2001 - 38 min.

Exploring and understand First Nations ceremonies! Dive deep into Indian Spirituality ... This exciting and fast-paced film features exclusive and private commentary by powerful medicine people and never-before-filmed spiritual places and ceremonies. From the preparation of the Sweat lodge to the the actual location of the Sundance Ceremony the program offers rare insights into native sacred belief and thought and how they relate to the spiritual world. (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesOUR FIRES STILL BURN - The Native experience - documentary 2016 - 60 min.

This exciting and compelling one hour documentary invites viewers into the lives of contemporary Native role models. It dispels the myth that First Nations have disappeared from the horizon, and reveals how they continue to persist, heal from the past, confront the challenges of today, keep their culture alive, and make significant contributions to society. (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesJOURNEY OF HOPE - Life altering experiences! - documentary 2015 - 60 min.

The amazing story of transformation in the lives of several aboriginal youth at risk who have struggled through alcoholism, drug abuse, physical and sexual abuse, attempted suicide, and lives of crime. 12 young people were "taken back to the land" in the wilderness of Northern Quebec to re-connect with their roots and regain their identity as young Cree men and women who have a hope and a future. (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesTHE DUGOUT - Community working together - documentary 2011 - 75 min.

19 young people, off the grid on an island in the Yukon River, must carve a sea-going canoe true to an ancient design that will carry them off the island. In the process they will live together bonded by creative work, and transform themselves. This film is about the redemptive power of art and about the power of community to heal community. (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesWE ARE THE SOLUTION! Nanabozhung - documentary 2016 - 75 min.

After being 'rounded up' into reserves, after the imposition of the Indian Act and their forced re-education in the residential schools, can these First Nations people continue to survive in this urban environment? Can we afford to allow their culture to die when it puts the preservation of the environment above all else? From an emotional and Intellectual point of view we come to realize that 'First Nations are not the problem. They are the solution to the problem'. Directed by Lia Williams, Produced by Guy Hibbert (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesTHE CREATOR'S GAME - LACROSSE - documentary 2005 - 25 min.

An entertaining documentary about the oldest organized team sport in North America. Explores: The history of lacrosse and its spiritual significance to natives; their generosity in sharing lacrosse with non natives, and the period during which they were excluded from playing lacrosse on the professional circuit. Interviews with modern lacrosse players and native leaders are interwoven with archival footage and photographs of the native teams that played before Queen Victoria. (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesWATCHERS OF THE NORTH - Action documentary series! - 6 part series 2013 - 28 min.

This very exciting and entertaining documentary action series follows the training, patrols and search & rescue missions of the largely Inuit Canadian Rangers. Stunning pictures of the north of Canada mix with wonderful and funny personalities to create an exciting mix of entertainment and lessons about the north and about First Nations philosophies. Join these young Inuits in their exciting adventures in two remote High Arctic communities. 6-Part series. (Sold as series or separately - Series 594.00 or 99.00 per show).

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Native Educational ResourcesNATIVE ARTS! - Cedar Hat Weaving - documentary 2013 - 25 min.

CEDAR HAT WEAVING - The video explores the story of Cedarman and outlines the step-by-step process of cedar hat weaving. It looks as well at the process of cedar bark pulling and discusses the art and philosophy of cedar hat weaving . (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesNATIVE ARTS! - The Pipemakers - documentary 2004 - 40 min.

The award-winning true story of the few remaining native people who create the sacred stone Peace Pipes. Digging thru 12 feet of solid rock with hand tools they mine the sacred red pipestone. With clean hearts they fashion the stone into shapes of bears, eagles and other effigies. They come from many different tribes and nations but are recognized by none. They are the vanishing breed called the "Pipemakers". Shot on location in Pipestone, Minnesota, this beautiful and memorable documentary is the story of a craft that is 1200 years old! (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesNATIVE ARTS! - Making a Drum - documentary 2013 - 30 min.

MAKING A DRUM - Jorge Lewis, First Nations Artist, shows a step-by-step process on how to build a drum and shares stories and teachings. Jorge is a descendant of powerful Shamans, mask dancers and chiefs. He was taught the craft of drum making by Bill Garton, a Lakota sun dancer, pipe carrier and spiritual leader. (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesSACRED BUFFALO PEOPLE - Our lives depend on the buffalo - documentary 2002 - 36 min.

Engaging, heartbreaking, inspiring - this extraordinary documentary teaches us about our dependence on nature and nature's dependence upon us. A dramatic search into the relationship of the buffalo to the native people of America. This emotional and very moving film explores the powerful bond between Indian people of the Northern Plains and the buffalo. Once revered as a spiritual and cultural icon, today the buffalo serves as a living symbol of native survival. (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesVANISHING LINK - Retracing her roots - documentary 2007 - 60 min.

A very personal and emotionally moving program about one woman's "return" to her spiritual roots and native identity. As this exciting story unfolds through the woman's direct experiences the viewer follows her journey and so travels deeper into her "return". Woven together with riveting stories from Elders brought to life through stirring traditional art, dances, songs, and crafts. Vanishing Link explores native spirituality through the oral traditions of tribal elders while following a unique spiritual quest. A must-see for all audiences. (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesSTORYTELLERS - Stories of exciting times and people - documentary 2004 - 40 min.

NATIVE PEOPLE saw the history of their land differently than the White man. The early European settlers brought many new things to this land - like horses and guns. They also brought mumps, measles and small pox which destroyed entire Indian Nations. The Indians in return taught the settlers the principles of democracy as well as how to survive on the land and preserve the natural environment. Join us as we tell some of the real stories as they happened to the Native peoples. A wonderful journey thru time and patience and a must see for anyone interested in First Nations. (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesDECEPTION OF FREEDOM - Are we being treated fairly? - documentary 2011 - 25 min.

Told through the eyes and words of native people, this moving and yet brutal story explains some hard truths about our justice system today. A man is in prison, convicted and sentenced to crimes that some say he did not commit. Is he guilty? Did he actually commit a crime or are we being deceived? Deception of Freedom is a must-see for native and non-native alike, concerned with the truth in justice and government today. (order thru PayPal or email -


documentary 2013 - 30 min.

Emotional and hard-hitting this documentary/drama explores the dark reaches of suicide in our First Nations communities. Suicide has become a real threat to some of our young people, families and the very substance of our communities. What can we do? This program explores the depths of the problem and offers the very needed solutions that we all need. Suitable for all audiences. (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesWELLNESS - HIV IF THERE IS A WILL ... - documentary 2004 - 25 min.

Written and created by Nak'azdli Health Center- Many First Nation Communities will come face to face with HIV in the very near future. In Northern BC, 74% of newly infected people are First Nations. Many of them will not return home because of the stigma attached to HIV/AIDS. Why are our people so at risk? The message needs to be heard by all; young, old and everyone in between. We can't ignore the numbers. A finely produced program and a must see for educators, students and community members. (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesWELLNESS - BREAST CANCER - Cancer and emotional inspiration - documentary 2003 - 30 min.

Breast cancer exists and is growing at an alarming rate in North America and breast cancer in First Nations communities is no different. First Nations women are not getting examined regularly by doctors because they either do not trust the process or it is not available to them. There is new hope though, that through education, all women will replace feelings of confusion with knowledge of modern breast cancer awareness and procedures. This video acts as a emotional resource in this important fight against breast cancer and may help to save lives for all our sisters for generations to come and is suitable for audiences 13 and up. AWARD - Best Public Service Documentary, American Indian Film Festival. (available from the First Nations Breast Cancer Society)


Native Educational ResourcesRISE OF THE SALMON PEOPLE - Environmental concerns - documentary 2016 - 30 min.

Five thousand people gathered to demand the removal of Salmon fish farms. This gathering galvanized the movement of the "Salmon People" to create change. This film explores the highly controversial salmon fish farms and the people that stand against them. (order thru PayPal or email -

  Rise of the Salmon People

Native Educational ResourcesFIRST NATIONS DANCE! - IN SEARCH OF HAMAT'SA - documentary 2004 - 35 min.

A tale of dance and headhunting! - 2004 - 33 min. The Hamat'sa (or "Cannibal Dance") is the most important-and highly represented ceremony of the Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwakiutl) people of British Columbia. This exciting and dramatic film dives into the history of the dance and presents some of the ways in which diverse attitudes toward this history create current dramatic and colorful performances of the Hamat'sa. The film also explores the relationship between First Nations history and the people that have told it. - (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesDRAMA! - Unbowed
Persistence and Truth - drama 2003 - 90 min.

Produced by Filmanthropic, this provocative, Award winning feature film dramatizes the historic attempt to force assimilation of American Indians and African Americans at Southern Negro Colleges in the late 1800s. The little-known period provides a dramatic backdrop for a compelling interracial love story. At its heart, "UnBowed" is a story about courage — the courage to love, even when it's forbidden; the courage to endure when the social, economic or cultural environment changes; and the courage to be different and forge a singular path in a society that demands conformity. AWARDS - Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actor (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesDRAMA! - Shana - The Wolf's Music
Feature educational drama 2014 - 95 min.

Shana, an Aboriginal girl and talented violinist, lives with her father in a First Nations village in Canada. Two years ago her mother went into the forest and never returned. Shana writes her heart-rending notes and hangs them in a special ancestor tree where a white wolf seems to be magically drawn to her. Meanwhile Shana's teacher has discovered her great talent and registers Shana at music school in the city. Yet before she can depart she plunges deep into the forest where she encounters the wolf and the spirits of her ancestors. A must-see! (order thru PayPal or email -


Native Educational ResourcesDRAMA! - Dancing on the Moon
Finding Ourselves - drama 2010 - 60 min.

The funny, sad and sometimes scary story of Dean, Joey and Mark, three Native American friends who are more like brothers. They're on the road to a powwow, but each is on his own personal journey. Unable to overcome grief since the death of his mother, Dean won't participate in the traditional dances he once loved. Tired of being the screw-up with a big heart, Joey learns that he must rely on his own strengths. And always the hothead, Mark learns to overcome his prejudices and face his own identity. When tragedy strikes, Dean is forced to confront his fears and follow his heart home -- to the powwow world. (order thru PayPal or email -



Native Educational ResourcesDRAMA! SleepDancer
Caretakers of the land - documentary 2016 - 60 min.

DRAMA - INDEPENDENT - Written by Rodrick Pocowatchat - Sleepdancer follows Derek Smith (Mark Wells), a half-Native American coroner's investigator, as he stumbles upon the mysterious Tommy Jordan (Rodrick Pocowatchit), a Native man whose father has just passed away. Tommy is vulnerable and doesn't speak. Through a series of letters, Derek unravels Tommy's story, and becomes infatuated with helping him while his own relationship crumbles. Sleepdancer is about love, loss and fractured family. Great for all audiences. (order thru PayPal or email -

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