DISTRIBUTION ALL OVER THE WORLD - FIRST NATIONS FILMS - distributes our exclusive collection of films all over this world, all over this globe.first nations Groups, educators and individuals from the Out backs of Australia to the far reaches of Canada's north, from Vancouver Island to the coast of Japan have purchased and are using our films in their classrooms, schools and libraries.

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"I am so inspired by your work!" - Lynnette Bosman (teacher)

First Nations Films
First Nations FilmsFirst NationsFirst Nations FilmsFirst NationsFirst Nations Films
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Wonderful emails and notes from many of you about how you love First Nations Films and how you have positive feedback from your groups and classrooms. One man called our films "hidden gems" and wished he could tell everyone about them. Keep those notes coming as we love the feedback!

testimonial   "Thanks for sharing all these - this site is Gold!"


testimonial   "I am so inspired by your work!"

testimonial   "Your films are amazing!"


testimonial   "We ordered some of your DVDs for our library collection ... excellent productions."


This year we ordered 5 films from you for our Social Studies Department. I was quite excited to get the films because they include a First Nations perspective on the issue of land claims, etc. They are easy to view and understand for kids. As a department head and VP I know a good product if it passes the classroom test. - Jocelyn Regards - SD 44

The videos are fantastic. Thanks. My class enjoys them very much. We just watched Native Women in Politics the other day. Again ... awesome. Keep up the hard work. - Micah - Teacher - Port Hardy, BC

Hi there I'm the copresident of a graduate student group called Indigenous Thinkers at the Univ. of AZ -- and we are thinking about putting on an Indigenous Film Series at the university....we are interested in showing some of your work as your films look fantastic! - Amanda - University of Arizona

The University Library, Montreal, Canada, would like to buy several DVD's from First Nations Films as we have heard such great things about them. We would like to be able to use the DVD's in the context of a classroom for discussion by students. - Spyros - University Library, Montreal

Greetings from AUSTRALIA I have high interest in your product which we will want to order by mail, I will make payment to you by credit card at the website on PayPal - Junior May - Melbourne, Australia

The Business Dept. here at The College would like to order some of your films as they have come highly recommended to us. As per your payment options please send with an invoice. - Connie - Librarian, College of Idaho

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First Nations Films is first a production company - contact us to discuss bringing your film ideas to life. richard@firstnationsfilms.com
These piercing First Nations programs are cherished by educators, broadcasters, schools, libraries, universities and individuals around the world. Finally the truth about First Nations people and issues. For, by and about First Nations people! First Nations Films/Videos for education.
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